Kids' birthday party

Planning a birthday bash for your little Eastchester star? Eastchester offers a treasure trove of venues to transform an ordinary party into an extraordinary adventure. From bouncing bonanzas to artistic explorations and even interactive magic shows, this guide unveils the perfect spot to match your child’s interests and create memories that will last a lifetime. Let’s sprinkle some birthday magic on Eastchester!

For the Little Adventurers:

Gymnastic City

Gymnastics City (Cortlandt):

Let your little ninjas loose at Gymnastics City! This action-packed venue boasts obstacle courses, trampolines, and climbing walls, providing endless opportunities for energetic Eastchester youngsters to burn off steam and celebrate in style. Packages often include pizza, cake, and party space, making planning a breeze for busy parents.

  • Phone Number: (914) 734-1616
  • Website: Gymnastics City
  • Address: 2121 Crompond Rd, Cortlandt, NY 10567

No Limit Ninja Yonkers (Yonkers):

Calling all aspiring Eastchester ninjas! No Limit Ninja Yonkers offers a challenging obstacle course paradise. This venue is perfect for slightly older kids who crave a physical challenge. Birthday packages include private party rooms and access to the course, ensuring a thrilling and unforgettable celebration.

No Limits Ninja Yonkers

For the Creative Sparks:

Art Studio of Westchester (Eastchester)

The Art Studio of Westchester (Eastchester):

Unleash your child’s inner artist at The Art Studio of Westchester! This charming studio offers themed birthday parties where kids can explore various artistic mediums like painting, pottery, or jewelry making. With expert guidance and a focus on creativity, your child’s party will be a celebration of self-expression and artistic exploration.

Createurs: The Art Factory (Scarsdale):

Looking for a more DIY approach? Createurs: The Art Factory in Scarsdale is a fantastic option. This vibrant space provides all the materials and guidance needed for a messy (but oh-so-fun!) art party. Kids can paint, sculpt, or create tie-dye masterpieces, letting their imaginations run wild. It’s a perfect choice for parents looking for a unique and creative party experience.

Child learning magic tricks

Let the Magic Begin in Eastchester!

Sprinkle some serious magic on your child’s birthday with a performance from the renowned Magical Dave! His interactive magic shows are more than just entertainment; they’re immersive adventures that pull the audience right into the act. Children of all ages will be captivated by dazzling illusions, hilarious jokes, and the chance to participate in the magic. This is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser that will leave youngsters spellbound. Contact Dave Now!

Bonus Tip for Eastchester Birthdays:

Eastchester Lake Park: No birthday celebration is complete without a touch of nature! Eastchester Lake Park offers a beautiful backdrop for a post-party picnic or outdoor games. Let the kids run around, explore the playground, or simply enjoy the fresh air and scenic views.

Eastchester Lake Park

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