Hartsdale, NY, get ready to be charmed! Magical Dave isn’t just a phenomenal children’s entertainer; he has a fluffy co-star who steals hearts wherever they go: Marshmallow, the adorable bunny rabbit! This dynamic duo is sure to make your kids’ birthday party in Hartsdale extra special.

More Than Just Tricks: The Magic of Marshmallow in Hartsdale

Marshmallow isn’t your average stage bunny. This two-year-old sweetheart, adopted by Magical Dave from an animal shelter, brings a unique touch of magic to every show in Hartsdale. Here’s a peek behind the scenes at the life of Hartsdale’s hoppiest resident:

  • From Shelter to Stardom: Marshmallow wasn’t always dazzling audiences. He found his forever home with Magical Dave, and together they discovered a love for entertaining children. 
  • A Bunny with Personality: Marshmallow has a personality all his own! He loves getting pet behind the ears, especially by new friends he meets at the shows. Kids are instantly drawn to his gentle nature and they love getting a picture with Marshmallow!
  • A Hoppy Foodie: Just like any bunny, Marshmallow has his favorite treats. When he’s not captivating audiences, you can find him munching on delicious carrots and hay.
  • The Star of the Meet-and-Greet: After the dazzling magic show for kids, Marshmallow enjoys meeting the children in person! This meet-and-greet session allows children in Hartsdale to interact with Marshmallow, ask questions, and learn more about bunnies. It’s a heartwarming opportunity to create lasting memories.

The Perfect Addition to Your Hartsdale Birthday Celebration!

Planning a birthday party in Hartsdale? Consider adding a touch of heartwarming magic with Magical Dave and Marshmallow!

  • Unique Entertainment: Magical Dave’s show, combined with Marshmallow’s adorable presence, creates a unique and unforgettable entertainment experience for kids of all ages in Hartsdale.
  • Interactive Fun: The meet-and-greet session allows children to interact with Marshmallow, creating a personal and memorable touch to the party.

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Imagine the joy on your child’s face as they witness dazzling magic tricks and get to meet the heartwarming bunny who helps create the wonder. With Magical Dave and Marshmallow, your Hartsdale birthday celebration will be a guaranteed hop to the top!

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